miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

BlogHer10 Recap - Click! Clack! Cluck!

BlogHer10 was an awesome experience! I encountered numerous opportunities to learn and share. I walked away exhausted and excited at the same time. Without getting into too many details, here is a list of gifts and blessings captured during the conference:

  • Met a group of inspiring women, Latinas I admire -too many to name individually- who care about a wide range of issues and blog about what is on their minds. 
  • Initiated important conversations with two major companies that may lead to long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Introduced LATISM to three brand agents that were seeking a connection with the Latin/Hispanic community online.
  • Discovered new and fascinating details about the results of LATISM Bloguera survey latism.org
  • Learned about the art of doing business in the virtual world, from marketing myself to monetizing my efforts.
  • Was deeply encouraged by the activism of Esra'a Al Shafei of MideastYouth.com
  • Felt revived by the spiritual strength of Susan Niebur as she read "In the name of awareness" from her blog toddlerplanet.wordpress.com
  • Connected with Change Agents at different levels especially with Cate Cameron of Waves of Change: makewavescofchange.org
  • Typed for my fellow blogger using the mechanical typewriter pictured above! I felt humbled and appreciative at the thought of having used one of these to learn to type and being here blogging online.
I was missing in action most of Saturday because I got sick but this allowed me to experience the caring of my Latism sisters: Elianne, Ana, Julie, Silvia, and Janet. Thank you ladies for looking out for me, giving me a comfy bed, medicine, honey, tea, and words of wisdom.

Note to self: Do not eat sushi at midnight.

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