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Women Innovators and Immigration Reform -Natalia

The following comments are in response to Natalia's @nakisnakis article regarding Women Innovators and Immigration Reform posted on Pipeline's Blog

In my view, the business argument has been missing from the Immigration Reform debate for as long as I can remember –I’ve been working in the legal field since the amnesty years in the mid 80s. Again and again, corporate leaders have missed the opportunity to make the business case on behalf of a vibrant workforce represented by foreign workers who bring skills and expertise that Americans don’t have and keep the US competitive.

Frankly, in the years of specializing in business immigration (not as a lawyer but as a legal support manager) I never heard the start-up visa concept as it has been presented now. Most start ups permitted under current immigration laws allow the foreign investor to come in under the E visa, or the foreign entity coming in to start a subsidiary in the USA, L visa category. Permanent residence is out on a limb through a more rigorous process that I won’t discuss here.

The benefits that immigration brings to the economic development of our communities are endless. But I don’t think that we must advocate for non-profit start-ups or non-STEM start ups. I think we should advocate for women-owned enterprises in general to be taken seriously in the debate and considered in subsequent benefits of an immigration reform. I’m not sure if the women you listed in your post are immigrants but it would be good to mention that out as it drives the point across.

That the voice of female entrepreneurs is not represented in the current debate led by Venture Capitalists is not a surprise to me; but then again who is keeping women from speaking out. I’m proud of you for doing so and I support your efforts to even the playing field. It’s about time!

Thank you for reading my agenda!

Reina Valenzuela

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