miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011


Alma and I met during my presentation at Rutgers University just one week ago. That same day she opened a Twitter account and began connecting. By the fourth day, she sent this message into my stream:

@soylamar As an unemployed college student what can I do to take advantage of Twitter?less than a minute ago via txt

Being fully aware that my answer needed more time and definitely more than 140 characters, I asked her to give me time to gather my thoughts and blog about it. So here are my top tips:

  • Search & Save. Use relevant and popular hash tags such as #jobs or #careers, combine them with your ideal location such as #NJ #NY or a city #NYC. Save the search and you can always go back to check out the recent tweets with the hash tag. 
  • Find & Follow. Find the twitter accounts for recruiters of the organizations where you would like to work. Follow them and save these accounts in lists. If your stream gets flooded you can easily go back to the list and check out their latest tweets.
  • File in Favorites. While reading my stream, three jobs were tweeted and I wanted to mark them for this blog post. I selected them as favorites by clicking the star. So these were kept in my favorites, easy to find and retrieve.
  • Connect & Network. When you follow interesting people interacting is easy. You realize that job openings are generally filled through word of mouth recruiting. Twitter is great a vehicle for connectors. For example, my friends own their businesses, they asked me to help them fill job openings, I posted this information on facebook and tweeted about it.
Twitter is in constant motion and tweets can just get lost into what I call the black holes of twitterverse. So remember: Search & Save, Find & Follow, File in Favorites, and Connect & Network.

Muy agradecida for reaching out, hope these tips help your job hunt!

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