sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

Zabby's Big SAT Day!

So today was the day. I took the SATs… want to know my true opinion? They were torture, 5 hours of sitting in a small desk in William Paterson University with the room packed, equals exhausting. Once I finished I swear I heard my brain sizzle; that’s enough thinking and brain power in one day.

To be honest, the math section wasn’t as bad as I expected, it was bearable. But the reading passages were the problem and became tedious since they were practically everywhere. Overall I think I did fine. I had a goal of scoring a 1900 because most schools I want, require an 1800 but we’ll see what happens when the score comes in. But I’m thinking on the positive side; I studied my hardest all week, rested up the night before, and tried my hardest today. Hopefully it paid off, and if I don’t get the score I was looking for then I can try again in October. But when I try in October I hope to do even better after I take an SAT class maybe that will help me a little more.

For now I’m glad this torture is over and I can relax and prepare for the end of the school year. Actually I just spoke to my guidance counselor on Friday about when to start applying to college and when I should have my college essays done and I got my information. So now my next goal, start college essays over the summer. But first… I have to make it past final exams. Oh goodness!

These posts are written by Zabby Pardo Moreno, a Latina student at Manchester High School in New Jersey; a National Honor Society student pursuing her dream of getting into an Ivy League University.

domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Zabby's down to business: SAT studying

Hello everyone, my name is Zabrina Pardo, though to most of my friends I’m known as Zabby. This spring break has been hectic and a little overwhelming mainly because I’ve been studying for my SATs scheduled for next Saturday. I’m pretty nervous for this test; I know I have the opportunity to take it as many times as I desire but still I want to do really well right off the bat.

When you think about it, it’s a lot of pressure because my scholarships depend on these next few days. I know I need to push the studying to the edge even more. Hopefully I will do well; I just have to continue to work hard, it’ll be a relief after it’s over. One more week and I can relax from this stress.

Thinking it over, it’s crazy how my Junior year is about to end, time should slow down a little so I can continue to enjoy my high school years before they're over. I’ll try to keep you updated after my SATs! 

Thanks for reading, now back to my SAT Sunday!

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