viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Secured Communities Programs - WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW!

As immigrants, we must learn to identify discrimination. The Secured Communities program of DHS does not permit local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws:
  • Stop a person to ask about immigration status.
  • Take someone into custody to ask about immigration status.
  • Make decisions based on a persons race, ethnicity, or ability to speak English.
If you feel you are singled out and become a victim of racial profiling PLEASE file a complaint with the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties-  CRCL office. "ICE and CRCL created a new complaint system whereby individuals or organizations who believe civil rights violations connected to Secure Communities have occurred can file a complaint. For example, CRCL will investigate complaints of racial or ethnic discrimination by policing jurisdictions for which Secure Communities has been activated, and DHS will take steps to ensure that bias or other abuses do not affect immigration enforcement. Secured Communities: Get the Facts!

The below video is part of a training for law enforcement officials. "What Law Enforcement Needs to Know" YOU SHOULD KNOW: